Frequently Asked Questions
What is Amino X
Amino X  is the mainnet of our blockchains, featured with EVM compatibility and fast average block time.
What is Amino X Testnet
Amino X Testnet  is the testnet of our blockchains, with the same capabilities of Amino X and some testing features.
What is ACT
ACT (Alpha Carbon Token) is the utility token of Alpha Carbon platform
Where can I buy ACT?
You can go to BSC PancakeSwap to buy ACT with USDT or BNB
How to use the Cross-chain Bridge?
Connect your crypto wallet to our DApp Bridge to get started.
What is Deposit?
Cross-chain token transfer from other networks (BSC, TRON) to Amino X is called Deposit.
What is Withdrawal?
Cross-chain token transfer from Amino X to other networks (BSC, TRON) is called Withdrawal.
What is Deposit Bonus?
For each USDT deposit with amount more than 10 USDT, there will be 1 ACT given to the user as bonus.
What is Withdrawal fee?
For each USDT withdrawal, there will be an additional 0.5 USDT deducted from user account as withdrawal fee.
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